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14th Dec 2022

December 2022 Newsletter

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In-House Legal Job Market Update
2-min watch

ACC National Conference Summary 2022

The team at Dovetail attended the 2022 ACC In-House Legal National Conference and created a compilation of the key messages from the event’s sessions.

Read conference summary here. 

ACC National Conference Event Highlight Video: 1.30min

Watch video here.

Dovetail’s services compared with other providers

What makes Dovetail different from other providers? See how our services compare to secondee firms and recruiters. Learn why clients choose us and why lawyers trust us.

View service comparison here.

WA ACC Christmas Cocktail Party 2022

Dovetail joined the ACC Australia WA Division Committee in Perth to celebrate the end of 2022. What a year it has been for in-house teams!

View event photos here.

Sample of Live Opportunities

  • Senior Legal Counsel– Litigation – Sydney: The perfect chance for a litigator to join an in-house team in a part time (3 days a week) role for a 4-month assignment.
  • Legal Counsel– Agriculture: A rare opportunity for a commercial lawyer to join a leading agriculture business with significant land holdings on a 12-month contract. This role can be undertaken at various NSW locations.
  • Legal Counsel– FMCG/Health: A fantastic opportunity for a 2+ year Lawyer to grow their in-house career at a leading ASX listed FMCG/Health company in a permanent role.
Want to know more about these roles and others?  View more roles here.

Looking to add a lawyer to your team?

View a sample of available lawyers here.

Recent Articles Worth Reading

People aren’t searching for their dream job, they just want to work at home

The Sydney Morning Herald

Looking to recruit? This article is a timely reminder of the importance applicants are placing on working-from-home. “‘Work from home’ has been the most popular search term on job platform SEEK for months, as the unemployment rate remains at near 50-year lows and companies compete to attract talent.”

EQ: Why leaders are looking for ’emotional intelligence’


An excellent BBC article on the increasing importance of EQ at work. “The transition to remote working has made emotional intelligence more essential. The good news is… EQ is something you can increase throughout your life.”

16 Big Ideas that will change our world in 2023

LinkedIn News

What can we expect for the coming year? This LinkedIn article looks at what trends and big ideas we can anticipate moving into the New Year.

Where do you work when working from home?

We recently asked our LinkedIn followers this question … here are the poll results!

Linkedin Work from home poll results

A US poll by Statista also had some interesting results: 21% closet; 38% couch; outdoors 24%!


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Fun Facts

  • Ancient Greece wasn’t full of pure white marble everything. The statues and ruins we see today were actually painted in all kinds of vivid colours that were just stripped bare back to their original white marble by time.
  • Antarctica is the only continent in the world without any spiders.
  • If you identify a UFO as a UFO, then it becomes a FO. Unless it has landed then it’s simply an O.


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