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30th May 2024

In-House Legal Job Market Update Video – May 2024

An update of the Australian In-House Legal Job Market's macro and micro trends.


Hi. This is Andrew Murdoch from Dovetail Legal Solutions with a May 2024 In-house Legal Job Market Update. I have three main takeaways.

The first takeaway is that the job market, after a subdued start, seems to have picked up and found a nice rhythm, with jobs continuously coming through. Just bear in mind, however, that typically, July is the quietest month in the recruitment year, and that it is much quieter than January or December.

The second takeaway is that the market seems to be performing equally across Australia.

Last year, we crunched some numbers to find out how many in-house lawyers were in each state, and we found there are fifty-two per cent of in-house lawyers in Sydney, twenty-six per cent of in-house lawyers in Melbourne, twelve per cent in Brisbane, and six per cent in Perth. And the number of jobs since the beginning of the year or the jobs advertised mirror those percentages almost identically so that for every one job there is in Perth, there are two in Brisbane, four in Melbourne, and eight in Sydney.

The third takeaway is that the interim market is outperforming the permanent market. I suspect that’s because businesses are looking for greater flexibility to scale up or scale down depending on which way the economy goes. If you have any further queries regarding any of this or comments, please feel free to give me a call at Dovetail Legal Solutions.

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