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Australia's Ultimate In-House Legal Salary Guide 2024

7 in-house legal salary guides collated in 3 graphs.




Dovetail Salary Guide

Here are the typical in-house salaries we see at each level.

Years of experience Annual salary inc. super Typical Bonus
1 to 2 years $90K - $120K Nil
3 to 5 years $120K - $170K 0 - 5%
5 to 8 years $160K - $210K 5 - 10%
8 to 11 years - Senior Legal Counsel $200K - $230K 5 - 15%
12+ as Senior Legal Counsel $220K - $260K 10 - 20%
General Counsel - sole/small team $240K - $300K 10 - 30%
General Counsel - larger team/ASX $270K - $330K+ 10 - 30%

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Factors that can influence
in-house lawyer salaries

Company size and industry

Larger companies and those in industries with high demand for legal services tend to offer higher salaries.


More senior in-house lawyers, such as General Counsels, tend to earn higher salaries than their junior counterparts


Cost of living and regional demand for legal services can impact in-house lawyer salaries.

Area of expertise

In-house lawyers specialising in high-demand areas like intellectual property or data privacy may command higher salaries.

Company financial performance

Companies that are performing well financially may be able to offer higher salaries to their in-house legal team.

It’s worth noting that in-house lawyer salaries may be more stable and less volatile than those of private practice lawyers, and may also come with different benefits and responsibilities.

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