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Improving your LinkedIn Profile by Watching a Video

Career Break Feature – LinkedIn Profile

Improve your LinkedIn Profile using a new “career break” feature.

Gaps in CVs and LinkedIn profile raise doubts and questions, that are seldom given the benefit of the doubt – readers are more likely to think you were languishing in gaol than winning a Nobel Prize. This new career break feature provides a tool to fill-in the blanks and complete the picture.


Andrew Murdoch

Andrew Murdoch

Managing Director

Hi, I’m Andrew from Dovetail legal solutions.

And this is a really quick tip on a way to improve your LinkedIn profile.

Recently, LinkedIn have introduced a new feature so you can include your career breaks in your work experience.

To do this, open your profile page and scroll down to your experience section.

In the experience section, go to the plus symbol up in the top right hand corner and select ‘Add a Career Break’.

Complete the details of your career break.

It gives you plenty of options holiday, maternity leave, paternity leave, study leave, et cetera.

Once they are completed, it will appear in your experience like this, and that will give the viewer a true picture of what you’ve been doing during your time off.

If you want any further tips about how to improve your LinkedIn profile, please contact us at Dovetail.

Thank you.