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Dovetail Legal Solutions By Video – Legal Services Spectrum

Charlie Smirl

Charlie Smirl

Business Director

Hi, I’m Charlie Smirl from Dovetail legal solutions.

We connect corporate clients with the best freelance lawyers

To explain this to our clients, we show them this diagram.

Basically, there’s a spectrum along which corporate clients are engaging with their lawyers.

At one end, you’ve got clients who need a lawyer for an hour here, an hour there. This is really the ad-hoc end of the market.

Then you’ve got clients who want someone for a couple of weeks or a couple of months. This type of work is filled with secondees.

That a couple of weeks, a couple of months type of engagement can be mirrored by clients taking on lawyers as fixed term employees.

And then for clients who want someone longer than a couple of weeks or a couple of months. And they want someone permanently, they can be filled with permanent.

Basically you’ve got a spectrum of how much of a lawyer do you need as a corporate client.

Importantly, along the spectrum is a split down the middle.

On one side, the engagement type is that of the service provider between the client and a legal practice.

On the other side, the engagement type between the client and the lawyer is direct one of employment within the spectrum.

To date, these areas have been largely filled by law firms focusing here on providing the ad hoc and transactional advice with some dabbling into secondee. When clients drag them, they’re kicking and screaming, provided they’ve got the resources.

And on the other end you’ve got recruiters that focus on the permanent end of the market with some dabbling back into fixed term.

And here in the second space, you’ve got a group of organizations that are falling under the moniker of new law. They’re effectively still law firms, and some of them dabble back into ad hoc.

What we’ve done with Dovetail is sought to improve the efficiency of filling these roles.

We’ve set up Dovetail deliberately as a freelance legal broker so that we can span across that full spectrum and serve our clients’ needs.

So if you’d like to hear more about how we do this and specific examples on how we’ve done this for clients successfully get in touch with myself or my team at Dovetail, and we’re happy to walk you through it further.

Thank you very much