How does it work?


We carefully select each lawyer for our network, working with only the best.

We seek to understand your needs and workflow, then connect you directly with the right lawyer – in the most effective way. And we take care of the entire process, making it straightforward and hassle-free.

We give you control over both the way you engage with legal service providers and your legal spend. Minimal overheads, lower fees, commercial, pragmatic advice.

We operate a transparent pricing structure so you can see the value of connecting directly. You save significantly and the lawyer receives more… so everyone wins!

With offices across Australia, Dovetail supports clients from the largest organisations and multinationals, through to midsize companies and start-ups.

So, if you’re looking for better lawyers and better value… to do more for less …

Contact Dovetail today.

The benefits of Dovetail

Better business

For too long businesses have had little choice beyond the thinking and methodologies of the traditional legal business model with its inherent inefficiencies and overheads.

At Dovetail, we put you in control over the way you engage legal services. And, in doing so, we give you access to quality, flexible and pragmatic legal advice.


As a business, Dovetail gives you:

  • Control over who does your work.
  • Control over the way you engage them to do it.
  • Control over the way you pay for your legal work to be done.
  • Control over whether it comes out of your internal or external budget.

Better work

You’re skilful and you’re accustomed to doing the very best legal work. Until now the only thing you haven’t had is choice. That’s because traditionally the top legal work went to law firms.

We tap you into our extensive network of corporate contacts, connecting you with the right clients and work without you having to spend hours of your time and energy on business development and marketing.

As a lawyer, Dovetail gives you:

  • Choice over who you work for.
  • Choice over what work you do.
  • Choice over when and how you work.
  • Choice over how you get paid.

Our services

Ad Hoc

Top lawyers at exceptional hourly rates work remotely, only as needed to support your business.


Freelance lawyers to work flexibly within your business for the period and price that suits you.

Fixed Term Employee

Directly engage the right lawyers as fixed-term employees on your payroll as part of your business.

Permanent Employee

For your next permanent hire – quality lawyers for your ongoing requirements.


Our team

Our Community

We believe that all people and all businesses – no matter how small – can contribute to making a big difference to those in need.

Dovetail donates 1% of its net profits to charity and its head office employees donate 1% of their work hours to a charity or community cause of their choice.


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