Client requirement
A key financial institution required a lawyer to support an important and complex project for the business over a 9-month period.

Dovetail solution
The client was initially seeking a junior lawyer to provide a supporting role in relation to management of the array of contracts required under the project. However, after seeing options from Dovetail for more experienced lawyers who could provide both the backend support as well as play a lead role contract negotiation and drafting, the General Counsel selected a more senior Dovetail lawyer.

The engagement was as a secondee on day rates which allowed for costs to closely align with the project, rather than add to the client’s employee headcount.

The secondment went well and even continued for a period after the project had been successfully delivered. The feedback on the lawyer from the client was very positive and we’re looking at future projects that may arise with the opportunity for them to all work together again.

Cost comparison to traditional providers


Dovetail Traditional law firm secondee

Daily rate for one lawyer



Monthly cost for five days/week



Client saving

>50% saving


Cost comparison to traditional providers

Daily Rate for one lawyer
Dovetail: $1,250
Traditional law firm secondee: $3,000+

Monthly cost for five days/week
Dovetail: $25k
Traditional law firm secondee: $60k

Client saving
Dovetail: > 50% saving
Traditional law firm secondee: —

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